Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Pneumatic Electric Control Valve Industrial Valve

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Product Description

                                     The Introduction of Products

Jkvl-416 Series Electric Control Valve for Sale

Straight-Through, Pneumatic JKVL-211111F Series Linear Control Valve 

JKVL-232 Series control valve

Trim FeaturesDouble seat sleeve-guided
Body TypeThree general formula
Leakage ratingANSI/FCI 70-2-2013 VI (standard mental seat)
Applicable temperature range-196 ºC to 560 ºCThe parts of Flow Characteristics, Pipe connection, Actuator type are same as JKVL-212/416


JKVL-418 Series control valve

Trim FeaturesSleeve-guided, balanced internals with balanced seal ring structure
Applicable temperature range-30ºC to 260ºC (single seat structure)-196ºC to 570ºC (two-seat structure)

China JKVL-415 Electric Series Control Valve

Trim FeaturesSleeve-guided, balanced internalsThe parts of Bod Type, BonnetForm, Flow Characteristics, Pipe connection, Applicable temperature range, Actuator type are same as JKVL-212/416

JKVL-219 Electric Multistage Pressure Valve

JKVL-211 Pneumatic membrane single seat control valve

JKVL-211111 Series control valve

Trim FeaturesUnbalanced spool, lined seat, Bellows stem seal
Body TypeStraight-through
Bonnet FormStandard, bellows
Flow CharacteristicsEqual percentage, linear, quick opening
Leakage ratingANSI/FCI 70-2-2013 V 
Pipe connectionFlanged
Applicable temperature range-45 ºC to 150 ºC
Actuator typePneumatic diaphragm actuatorPneumatic piston actuatorElectric actuator

JKVL-212 Series control valve

Trim FeaturesTop Guided Unbalanced Internals, Quick Release cage Structure
Body TypeStraight-through, Angled
Bonnet FormStandard, heat sink, low temperature, bellows
Flow CharacteristicsEqual percentage, linear, quick opening
Leakage ratingANSI/FCI 70-2-2013 V (standard mental seat)ANSI/FCI 70-2-2013 VI (cut-off soft seat)
Pipe connectionFlanged, butt welded
Applicable temperature range-196 ºC to 570 ºC
Actuator typePneumatic diaphragm actuatorPneumatic piston actuator    Electric actuator

JKVL-428 Series control valve

Trim FeaturesSleeve-guided, unbalanced internals porous cage group The parts of Body Type, BonnetForm, Flow Characteristics, Pipe connection, Applicable temperature range, Actuator type are same as JKVL-212/416

JKVL-214 Series control valve

The Introduction of Product's Details
Body Form

  1. Straight valve body

The through valve body is S-streamlined with smooth inner wall and equal cross-section. It has the characteristics of small pressure loss, large flow rate and smooth flow.

  1. Angled valve body 

It has the characteristics of compact structure, simple flow path and small resistance. Suitable for coking, clogging, high viscosity and other working conditions.

  1. Three-way valve body

Three-way valve body mainly suitable for high pressure conditions, with good compressive strength. The internal flow path is simple, and it is not easy to produce vortices, reflux and other phenomena. Reduce the possibility of flash and turbidity under high pressure difference.

Bonnet Form
1.Standard bonnet
The through valve body is S-streamlined with smooth inner wall and        equal cross-section. It has the characteristics of small pressure loss, large flow rate and smooth flow.
Operating temperature: -30 degeree-260 degree

2.High temperature bonnet
The high temperature cover is specially designed for high temperature working conditions. It can increase the contact area between the cover and the surrounding air by radiating fins, thus playing the role of heat dissipation.
Effective  protection of fillers and actuators.
Working Temperature: +230 degree-530 degree
                                     -45 degree- -5 degree
3.Low temperature extended bonnet
Suitable  for low temperature medium (such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen). The cover can effectively protect the packing and actuator. The standard material is 304 or 316. The material with different expansion coefficients can also be used according to the working conditions.
Working Temperature:-196 degree-45 degree

4.Metal bellows seal bonnet
The metal bellows seal valve cover is equipped with stainless steel bellows assembly, which isolates the medium from the outside world and ensures the stem to move up and down. In addition, there is still a standard packing box inside the upper valve cover to ensure that no waste or environmental pollution is caused by leakage of media.
Working Temperature -60 degree-530 degree

Body Material 

  1. High temperature material
  2. Low temperature material
  3. Cryogenic material

In-valve component material
Commonly used valve assembly materials are SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, USU410, SUS420, etc.

Flow characteristics

  1. Linear flow characteristics
  2. Equal percentage flow characteristics
  3. Quick open

Stuffing box structure

  1. Standard stuffing box structure
  2. High temperature filler
  3. Bellows stuffing structure

Balanced trim inner ring

  1. Balanced seal ring

Can be used for reciprocating and rotary motion
Can adapt to most fluids and chemicals
Small coefficient of friction
No creeping during precise control, reducing the dead end of the valve
Good wear resistance and dimensional stability
Can adapt to sharp temperature changes
No pollution

  1. Metal C-ring
  2. Composite graphite seal

Connection Method

  1. Flange connection
  2. Butt welding end
  3. Socket soldering termi 

Trim FeaturesCage-guided, unbalanced inners, Body quick-release cage structure , Double spool pressure relief structure 
Bonnet FormLow temperature, bellows
Flow CharacteristicsQuick opening
Akage ratingANSI/FCI 70-2-2013 VI (standard mental seat)The parts of Body Type, Pipe connection, Applicable temperature range, Actuator type are same as JKVL-212/416

Labyrinth control valve 
Based on the mechanism of fluid mechanics, the labyrinth control valve adopts and applies the technology of speed control principle, and uses multistage pressure reduction to eliminatecavitation, flashing, vibration and noise, providing a comprehensive system for many different application fields. Control solution.
The labyrinth control valve can effectively eliminate the damage caused by the out of control of the fluid velocity.

Pneumatic actuators
The L1000 series pneumatic actuator is a multi-spring diaphragm actuator with light weight, small size and stable output.
L2000 linear multi-spring pison pneumatic actuator with the same principal as multi-spring diaphragm  actuator . However, the series of actuators replaced the diaphragm with a pison. This change solved the problem of the diaphragm actuator could not withstand the pressure of the large air source and the diaphragm was aging. Enables the actuator to withstand greater air supply pressure.
The increase in air supply pressure directly increases the output of the actuator. 

Stem seal design
The v-type flexible graphite is adopted as the filter structure and the high-temperature type stuffing box structure. The design of v-type flexible graphite has changed the disadvantages of the former flexible graphite packing without compensation and deformation, and the sulfur-free flexible graphite material can ensure the longest service lift of the filler.
The high-temperature type stuffing box structure with sulfur-free v-type flexible graphite is adopted to increase the preload compension design of spring gasket to ensure the long-term use of stuffing box without maintenance.
Standard stuffing box module to withstand pressure and temperature range:
Maximum pressure: Class 600 /64 MPA
Temperature range: 196 degeree+250 degree
Pressure and temperature range of high temperature type stuffing box module :
Temperature range: 196 ºC to 250 ºC

 Professional Control Valve Manufacturer 

Company Profile

Junkang Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of regulating valves and pressure relief valves. The company is located in the "township of pumps and valves in China" - Dongou Industrial Zone. It is 30 kilometers away from Wenzhou LongWan International Airport, 12 kilometers away from Wenzhou South Station and 10 kilometers away from Yongjia Station.
The company has strong technical force, with a number of sets of advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The technical team has rich product experience. The company has large-scale production. Products with reasonable design, beautiful appearance, stable quality and other characteristics, are widely used in power plants, iron and steel plants, oil extraction, refining and chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, medicine, construction and other fields, long-term trust and praise by new and old users.
Junkang Valve has always been market-oriented, strict quality control, to ensure that the interests of users are effectively guaranteed. The company adheres to the "high quality as the main line, excellence as the goal", adheres to the "business integrity, quality innovation" business philosophy, and in the fierce market competition to establish a mutually beneficial sales network, highlighting the unique advantages of Junkang Valve.


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1.What's Your Strong Products?
The control valve series are our strong products.

2.If The Factory Has The Control Valve In Stock?
There are no control valve in stock at  anytime, because this kinds of products are made by client's requirements

3.Can I request to advance the shipment?
It should be depends on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse.

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Yes, we can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

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